Position Battle: Ravens 3rd receiver

Position Battle: Ravens 3rd receiver | Chris Schisler| July 11, 2013


The biggest question left unanswered for the 2013 Baltimore Ravens is the status of the receiving core. Ravens fans are still stinging over the loss of fan favorite Anquan Boldin; who was traded to the 49ers for a 6th round draft pick. The move means that Torrey Smith for the first time in his career is expected to be a number one wide receiver. Jacoby Jones figures to be the number two. The hierarchy of the depth chart after this will be determined in training camp and preseason football. With this uncertainty and youth at the position the Ravens will likely keep 6 wide receivers on the 53 man roster. Let’s look at some of the candidates to be the third wide receiver.

1.)    Deonte Thompson: 6’0” 203 lbs

Deonte Thompson has all the physical ability to be a good slot receiver. He has decent speed. He has great quickness and runs pretty good routes. Like those he is competing with for playing time, there is not a lot of game experience to go off of. In 2012 Thompson caught 5 passes for 51 yards. Thompson played well in his limited number of chances this past season. Athletically he is probably the best receiver on the Ravens not named Smith or Jones. I believe that Thompson will win a lot of playing time in 2013. He can be an ideal slot. The fact is he is an unknown quantity at wide receiver. This is not necessarily a bad thing seeing as he has great potential.

2.)    Tandon Doss: 6’2” 207 lbs.

Doss has a big frame and very strong hands. Doss is not very popular amongst the fans because of his drops in the playoff game vs. Indianapolis. This is unfair. There have been few chances to play for Doss. In the 2012 regular season he had 7 catches and 123 yards. Like Thompson there is insufficient evidence to evaluate Doss’s potential in a larger role. He was a very impressive receiver at Indiana and Joe Flacco publicly wanted the Ravens to draft him. In 2010 at Indiana University he caught 63 receptions for 706 yards and 7 touchdowns. Doss has the size and talent you look for in a slot receiver. Doss needs opportunities to prove this.

3.)    Laquan Williams: 6’0” 190 lbs.

Williams is another receiver who will finally get an opportunity to prove himself. Williams only has 4 career receptions for 46 yards. When you look at Williams you have to see the potential. Williams is not the strongest receiver but is quite a good athlete. I think that he is a sharp route runner who understands coverages. In the slot I think he could be quite effective and has good bursts of acceleration. If he gets the opportunity this preseason look for him to get yards after the catch. If he can do this  he will earn more time on the field.

These are the three receivers I feel are worth highlighting. Other hopefuls include Tommy Streeter, David Reed and the Ravens late round draft pick Aaron Mellete. This is going to be an interesting position battle which may work itself out over the course of the season. It is important to remember that it does not need to be one guy. The Ravens could have a nice rotation at wide receiver.


  • I agree WR will definately be the most interesting part of the Ravens offseason. I don’t know about you but my confidence level with any of our recievers even Torrey Smith is not very high.I would like to see the Ravens pick up a veteren WR such as Bandon Lloyd. Having him and Torrey smith on the outside while Tandon Doss/Dennis Pitta in the slot on either side I think could be pretty effective and spreading everyone out could lead to more space for Ray Rice. Only downside is that there will be less blockers for Flacco. Thoughts?

    • Would like to bring in a vet too. Lloyd would be good. I don’t see it happening though. I am not as high on Jacoby as a WR as most, and I do not want to take away from his return game. ( another reason to bring in lloyd). All this being said I love me some Torrey Smith & think he will have great season. I love Pitta at what he does. I think we expand Dickson’s role as a flex TE/Slot guy. If Dickson does not deliver do not sleep on Furstenberg TE out of UMD.

      • Trust me I’m a HUGE terms fan no one wants to see Torrey and Furstenberg to succeed as much as me. That being said Torrey did disappear in some and while he will be better this season defenses will now not have to deal with Boldin and can focus more on Torrey. Completely agree by the way with Dickson. He is a lot more athletic than Pitta though his catching ability leaves little to be desired. I do think he could be great however, and he’s my sleeper pick on the Ravens to have a big season this year. My “bold” prediction is 45 catches around 600 yards or so.

      • I am not a Dickson guy- i don’t trust him. But we need him to be the athlete he can be. Pitta is a top tier tight end and one of my favorite players but the idea that he can fill Boldin’s role is wrong. Pitta is great lined up as tight end. Torrey has improved and will be good so long as our tight ends do their jobs. Overall i think it looks good. The offense will be very good.

        By the way I love good football conversation. This kind of intelligent back and forth is what the site is about! Thanks for reading, and contributing to the conversation.

  • No problem man! I am a big baltimore sports fan and always love talking football. Yes trust me Dickson pisses me off as much as anyone. But think about this with Jacoby Jones, Torrey Smith (possibly Llyod), these are all speedsters so the Ravens will NEED a possesion guy to at least play alittle of Boldins role so that the opposing safeties do not just playback waiting for all the deep routes by our speedy WRs. I think Boldin’s can be split between Pitta, Dickson, and Doss. Not a big Doss fan obviously with his key drops but he has proven he can get open whitch is at least a start.

    • Yeah. Im a Ravens fan but we cover all of NFL and follow college do draft stuff. I always have been curious to see if Philly would part with Avant for a 4th rd pick. I agree we need a possession guy. That being said I like Thompson more than Doss. I like Doss too though. I think Torrey was becoming more and more like Q- a all around wide receiver. Seriously think you will be surprised at his play this year.

      • I hope so haha I absolutely love everything the ravens specially Ozzie have done this offseason. Making the best out of nothing. I obviously a little pessimistic about our WRs but I love Joe Flacco and I don’t think he’s finished winning Super Bowls. This team right now will definitely be than last years team in my opinion.

      • Oh i agree. I have been called a horrible homer but i think we have good shot at repeat. If Joe can win with last years team he will kill with this team! Its just true

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